General Terms and Conditions for the Mecenat Card

Mecenat provides services to its Members who have activated their Mecenat Card in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions.

The services are provided on the conditions indicated in the applicable Terms and Conditions for the Mecenat Card or the special terms and conditions for the respective service. The services include the following: via fixed and mobile Internet access to subscribe to targeted messages, offers and other information from the Mecenat Card (Subscription service), utilising Mecenat’s mobile applications, as well as forwarding messages to other members via the Mecenat Card’s supplementary services (The Services).

Certain services are provided via the Website whereas other services are provided as mobile applications or apps. What is stated in these General Terms and Conditions concerning the Website shall, where applicable, also apply to Mecenat’s apps.


1.1 In the following, the meaning of concepts and terms shall be as defined below:

a. “Mecenat” refers to Mecenat AB, Reg. no. 556317-4076, Box 11 215, 404 25 Göteborg, Sweden.

b. “The Mecenat Card” refers to a card (digital or physical) that Mecenat issues as evidence that the Member has activated his or her student discounts.

c. “The Website” refers to Mecenat’s website

d. “Message” refers to advertising, offers, messages or other information content that Mecenat sends to Members within the framework of the Mecenat Card scheme.

e. “Member” and “Membership” refers to persons who have activated their student discounts.

f. “Member information” refers to information that the Member submits to Mecenat within the context of Membership and through the Website, for example, name, address, photo and Norwegian ID number.

g. “Subscription service” relates to the service that, via fixed and mobile Internet, subscribes to targeted messages, offers and other information from the Mecenat Card.

h. “Newsletter” refers to subscription to Messages through the Mecenat Card scheme.

i. “The Services” refer to those services that Mecenat provides to its Members.


2.1 Membership is acquired by the person who

a. activates his or her Mecenat Card,

b. accepts these General Terms and Conditions,

c. has reached the age of sixteen (16) years, and

d. submits the personal, contact and other information requested in connection with activation of the Mecenat Card.

2.2 Membership of the Mecenat Card scheme is personal and may not be transferred by the Member to another person.

2.3 On submission of Membership information, the Member obtains a user-ID and a password, which is used for logging in to the Mecenat Card and on utilisation of the Services.

2.4 Mecenat reserves the right to carry out a credit check when making a decision on Membership or the provision of Services.


3.1 Through approval of these General Terms and Conditions, the Member agrees to the handling of personal data in accordance with the conditions below. The member’s consent includes the right for Mecenat to transfer Membership information, and link with data in other registers, within the Mecenat Group and on behalf of Mecenat’s collaboration partners, where the object is to supply additional services to the Member, e.g. targeted marketing campaigns.

3.2 Mecenat is responsible for personal data where the handling of personal data in connection with the Mecenat Card is concerned. Here, information is provided concerning how Mecenat handles personal data that is obtained through the application for the Mecenat Card as well as the Member’s use of the relevant Services. Additional information is to be found in the Norwegian Personal Data Act (in Norwegian “Personopplysningsloven”)  which is applicable for recording, handling and use of the Membership data, the purpose of which is to protect people against having their personal integrity violated through handling of personal data. The Norwegian Personal Data Act also provides that the Member must give his or her consent to Mecenat’s handling of the Membership data.

3.3 The Member has the right, at any time, to revoke the consent given in accordance with the above, either wholly or in part.

3.4 Mecenat handles your personal data in order to

a. take decisions about, and to administer, the Membership,

b. provide the relevant Services,

c. market its own goods and services and those of its collaboration partners,

d. pass on information about e.g. the Member’s travel bookings and other orders, as well as to

e. pass on other information such as information concerning the Membership.

3.5 In the case of Services that make use of real-time tracking of your location (i.e. knowing where you are), e.g. map services such as Google maps supplied by a third party, the personal data may also be used to locate you and save data concerning your position.

3.6 In accordance with Section 18 of the Norwegian Personal Data Act,  the Member has the right, following application to Mecenat, to obtain information about his or her personal data handled by Mecenat and how it is handled. [F1] The Member also has the right, in accordance with Sections 27 and 28 of the Norwegian Personal Data Act, to request that incorrect or out-of-date information concerning the Member that is handled by Mecenat is either corrected, blocked or deleted.

3.7 When handling the data of Members, Mecenat always observes the greatest possible confidentiality.

3.8 Recording, handling and use of Membership data is carried out in accordance with acceptable technical security standards.


4.1 Through accepting these General Terms and Conditions, the Member agrees to Mecenat handling Membership data in accordance with the above; and also that Mecenat sends out advertising, offers and other information concerning its own goods and services and those of its collaborative partners (Subscription Service) to the Member via post, e-mail, mobile phone, Mecenat’s mobile applications or other available technology.

4.2. The member has the right, at any time, to revoke the consent given in accordance with the above, either wholly or in part.


5.1 The Member undertakes not to use software tools or such like that may disturb, alter or in any other way impede Mecenat’s activities. This includes the creation of routines that affect Mecenat’s system capacity.

5.2 The Member is responsible for ensuring that Membership data duly submitted does not include any incorrect information.

5.3 The Member is personally responsible for his or her User ID and password for the Website; consequently, he or she may not disclose the User ID or password to third parties, nor use these otherwise than in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions.

5.4 The Member accepts that Membership does not imply making available the network that the Member requires for connection to the Website and for use of the Mecenat Card. Nor does Membership include the equipment that is required for connection to the Website.

5.5 No intellectual rights or technical solutions relating to Messages or to the Mecenat Card belong to the Member. Reproduction of Messages or Message contents is consequently forbidden.


6.1 The Member accepts that Messages may be either wholly or partly erroneous or incorrect. Any use of the information given in Messages is the Member’s personal responsibility.

6.2 The Member agrees to the Subscription Service being undertaken by an independent telecom operator. Consequently, Mecenat does not assume any responsibility, either directly or indirectly in respect of the Member, for any technical faults including, but not limited to, accessibility problems or the fact that the Message, for some other technical reason, fails to reach the Member.

6.3 Technical interruptions in service caused by special maintenance work, further development and/or other disturbances may limit and/or intermittently prevent the possibility of the Member using the Website or may cause data to be lost. Mecenat is not responsible for access to the services and is not able to guarantee that technical interruptions or data losses do not occur. Mecenat reserves the right, at any time, to change, limit or restrict the scope and functionality of the Website.

6.4 Mecenat does not assume any liability whatsoever for any damage or loss as a consequence of intrusion into the telecom operator’s or Mecenat’s own system whereby third parties obtain access to, modify or remove Membership data or other essential information for the Subscription Service. Nor is it liable for damage or loss as a consequence of improper use by third parties of the Member’s User ID or password.

6.5 Mecenat has the right, at any time, to adopt measures, including that of wholly or partly removing Membership data, which Mecenat finds necessary in order to comply with laws and ordinances, to uphold good business practice or to avoid claims of whatever kind from third parties.

6.6. Certain of Mecenat’s services that are provided as mobile applications (apps) make use of real-time tracking of your location (i.e. knowing where you are), through e.g. map services such as Google maps supplied by third parties. The use of such services takes place wholly at your own risk. Information on your position may be incorrect.


7.1 Membership applies from the time that the stipulations pursuant to these General Terms and Conditions are confirmed and the Member, for the first time, has logged on to the Website with his or her User ID and password.

7.2 Membership of the Mecenat Card scheme may be cancelled at any time, with immediate effect, by the Member or by Mecenat.

7.3 Cancellation of Membership must be made in writing to be effective. Membership ceases to apply from such time as the notice of cancellation reaches the other party.


8.1 The Website contains so-called cookies. In accordance with The Norwegian Ecom Act section 2-7b (in Norwegian Ekomloven), all those who visit a website with cookies obtain information to the effect that the website contains cookies, what these cookies are used for and how the cookies can be avoided.

8.2 On the Website, so-called session cookies are used. Session cookies are used to handle the Member’s choices on the Website, for example when the Member chooses to buy a voucher. Session cookies disappear when the Member closes the browser whereas regular cookies are saved for a longer time on the Member’s computer. By acknowledging these General Terms and Conditions the Member accepts that Mecenat uses session cookies. If the Member does not wish to enable the use of cookies on the Website the Member can change the settings of his or her own browser in order to disable cookies, please see the browser’s Help pages for more information. Please note that certain of the Website functions will not function if cookies are disabled.


9.1 Mecenat has the right at any time, and without obtaining the Member’s approval beforehand, to modify the design of the Services in respect of technical specifications, system, opening times etc.

9.2 Mecenat has the right to update these General Terms and Conditions through carrying out an amendment or supplement which enters into force one month after information to this effect has been provided to the Member. Should the Member not wish to accept the amendment or supplement, the Member is able to cancel the Agreement in accordance with Article 7.2 above. Such cancellation must be in writing and reach Mecenat, at the latest on the coming into force of the updated terms and conditions. Otherwise, the Member is considered to have accepted the updated terms and conditions.

9.3 These General Terms and Conditions comprise a comprehensive settlement of all issues covered by the conditions. Other agreements shall be disregarded, regardless of whether they have been entered into earlier or later, verbally or in writing.

9.4 Mecenat has the right, wholly or in part, to assign its rights and obligations in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions. The Member does not have the right to transfer his or her rights and obligations.

9.5 Norwegian Law shall be applied to disputes arising from these General Terms and Conditions. Disputes shall be decided in a Norwegian general court. No account shall be taken of such other rules governing the choice of law that lead to any other law than Norwegian law being applicable.


10.1 The winners are chosen shortly after the end of the competition.

10.2 The winners are contacted via e-mail. The winner’s name and educational institution are published on the Website together with the corresponding justification of the winning entries. Through taking part in the competition the Member accepts the above collaboration.

10.3 Mecenat is not liable for any extra costs surrounding the prizes (unless otherwise stated).

10.4 Mecenat reserves the right to change the competition, rules and content at any time during the competition period to the extent possible according to the applicable law.

10.5 Mecenat is not responsible for technical faults concerning telephone, e-mail or other correspondence.

10.6 Employees of Mecenat or their family members may not take part in the competition.

10.7 The jury’s decision cannot be appealed against.

10.8 Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash, goods or other services.

10.9 Travel, overnight stays or any other form of extra cost that may arise must be borne by the winners themselves unless otherwise indicated in the competition text.

10.10 Possible taxes on prize winnings are payable by the winner.

10.11 Where Mecenat suspects any participant of cheating, or other improprieties, we reserve the right to exclude the person in question from the competition without further correspondence.

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